Our Founders

Ali Himsl

President and Co-founder

As an Arizona native, Ali would be found constantly rehabilitating injured wildlife, relocating rattlesnakes and spending time with her family dogs, parrots, chickens and iguanas throughout her childhood.  When Ali relocated to California she saw the imminent need of volunteers to aid in the placement of abused, neglected and surrendered family animals into loving, forever homes.  With the adoption of Ali and her wife Katy’s first dog from the County municipal shelter and the compassion of one particular volunteer, there became no doubt that a new path was being carved.  Ali has spent time volunteering through the County shelter and additional local rescue group affiliates.  She has specialized in adoption counseling, animal enrichment, marketing, fostering and transporting animals between rescue affiliates in Northern California.  After filling their home with newly adopted animals and foster failures it became clear that a new purpose was indeed unfolding. The dream of assisting in the creation of It’s A New Day Animal Rescue came to fruition from a thought between fellow County volunteers which led to the accountability to act.  Ali has always felt the resonation from a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in this world”.  It is through these simple words we may all leave the impact desired from the smallest acts of kindness.

Katy Himsl

Vice President and Co-founder

Born and raised in the east bay, Katy was raised with an appreciation of all life, even in its smallest form.  She began an active role in animal welfare in 2013 as a County municipal shelter volunteer. With experience in dog and cat socialization, adoption counseling, marketing, mobile adoption team, fostering and transporting animals to neighboring rescue affiliates Katy is well versed in the many needs facing the companion animals of the greater San Francisco Bay.  Katy and her wife, Ali reside locally with their wide array of rescue animals ranging from dogs and cats to chickens and tortoises.  Katy proudly serves her community in the capacity of a full time bay area Firefighter Paramedic as she strives to be an example to those around her.

Virginie Madruga

Treasurer and Co-Founder

Virginie began volunteering with the County municipal shelter in 2009 where her focus centered around walking dogs, adoption counseling, assisting the behaviorist with basic obedience training and leading mobile adoption events.  In late 2017 Virginie began volunteering with the current City shelter where she spends much of her time working with a program centered around timid dogs.  Collectively, Virginie brings a decade of experience within the county shelter environment.  She is accustomed to and aware of the particular needs required to build confidence, provide security and place these animals in their ideal forever homes.

When not volunteering and helping animals in need you will find Virginie spending time with her very own pack of eight dogs and one lone cat.  Virginie also works full-time for a local non-profit senior and low income property management company where she leads the corporate accounting team. With a degree in Accounting and a Certificate in Non-profit Management she brings her professional experience to the business side of It’s A New Day Animal Rescue to ensure compliance and transparency.

Angela Cabral

Secretary and Co-Founder

Angela began volunteering at the County municipal shelter in January of 2016 where she dove head first into walking dogs and advocating for shelter animals at mobile adoption events. She quickly began counseling adopters to aid them in finding the perfect family companion.  Angela has adopted and fostered many rescue dogs and cats through her time volunteering.  Angela’s day job consists of working full time as an attorney in the east San Francisco Bay with a focus on civil litigation and transactional work.